Ravello is situated about 5 km from Amalfi; up on the mountain, overlooking the coast from Maiori to Amalfi.

Ravello was founded in the VI century A.D., reaching the apex of the splendor in the X and XI century; following the same sort of the Amalfi Republic, even after obtaining the independence from her, when they refused to follow, in the XI century, Amalfi in a war against Guiscardo. 

To visit the Church of San Pantaleone was erected in the XI century, wanted by the Bishop Orso Pavico.  The entrance doors are similar to those of Amalfi, in bronze,  made in Constantinople in the XII century; 
inside  there is a museum, where are kept  numerous historic details of the past. 
The Church of S. Giovanni del Toro, was built at the end of X century; we can see an "ambone" from XII century and a wooden Crucifix from XV secolo.




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