The origin of the name "Capri" is a hotly disputed subject but at any rate, it is certain that the island was a Greek colony, even though it is hard to pinpoint the exact date it was colonized.  The island is approx. 6 Km long and 3 Km wide and has a coastline of about 17 Km and only a mere 5 Km of sea separate Capri from Punta Campanella on the tip of Sorrento Peninsula. 

In the isle of Capri there are two towns: Capri and Anacapri. Capri, main town on the Isle of Capri, is located on the saddle between Monte Santa Maria and Monte Tiberio in a commanding location above the two "Marinas", and offers an unparalled view that sweeps from Ischia to the Sorrento Peninsula, taking in the entire expanse of the Gulf of Naples.
With its characteristic arcades that merge into a labyrinth of narrow alleys and streets, Capri works its own special charm on every visitor.

The steps of the famous Piazzetta are an unofficial rendezvous for a colorful congregation of guests from all over the world, who take in the attractive view from here.
On a rise not far from Capri is
Santa Maria del Soccorso with its beautiful panorama of the Sorrento Peninsula and the ruins of Villa Jovis, commonly known as the Palazzo di Tiberio (Palce of Tiberius), a typical example of Roman villas. 



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